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Friday, July 22, 2005


Funk be gone

As things stand now, I am having to take a harder look at how to move forward mostly solo in this endeavor. As a kind reader suggested, perhaps it's just changing up how I choose to invest or what I choose to invest in. Fortunately, I have at least set my goal even if I haven't quite figured out how to reach it.

That goal dear reader is simply to invest in things that will supplant the income I currently work for. There are times where I actually like what it is I do for a living and now is just not one of those times. Of course having that feeling makes the desire to replace it with something else even stronger than usual. At least I think I understand my motivations in wanting to be rid of the dependence on a job where I could lose my income at the whim of management. Granted that's not an eminent threat or fear, but it is the reality of working and the root of the problem. You either have a job or you do not. I would be happy to not have a job if I had an alternate stream of income to replace it so that I could at least maintain my current lifestyle and housing situation. Until I achieve that though the axiom holds, "I like food, therefore I work."

So back to figuring out how to achieve my goal, now without the support and partner that I thought I had in the trek. Looking at my personal strengths, I'm fairly confident that I can solve the problem. The risks along the way are staying motivated, not getting distracted by things that are not core to achieving the goal, and recognizing progress, however small, so as not to get discouraged along the way. Back in the before time when I started this blog, I said then that one day at a time was the way I was going to measure my progress. Of course I also think that was a pretty binary approach... Did I post today? Yes, great I achieved progress. No, try and make up for it tomorrow.

Well, as time wore on and I allowed other things not core to what I was trying to achieve invade I slipped in my posting, slipped in my poker playing, and generally faded away. I'm not sure if there's a lesson to be learned or if I have yet since I knew then just like I do now that it does require dedication and that by applying some focus to it I will make progress. It still all boils down to keeping the demons that like to eat away at the little time that exists in a day at bay.

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