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Friday, March 25, 2005



Because I could I happened to go look at statcounter this morning to see what the traffic level was now to this here pothole on the internet. Stunningly I've been getting more traffic since I took a break from posting than I did while I was fairly active. Maybe it's like the artist effect that whatever information I had to share become more worthwhile when I was gone. Somehow I doubt this and attribute the bulk of the traffic to bloglines and some pictures from GenCon Indy last year.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I have a confession

You know those guilty pleasures you have in life? For some rather obvious and non-obvious reasons I'm addicted to watching "The L Word" Granted, how can the Shoetime go wrong with a show about lesbians but if it were just that, I don't think I'd really be that facinated with it. It's about 5 episodes into season 2 now and if I had to give a list of the things I like about the show it would look like this, in order:

  1. Complex characters

  2. The music

  3. Uh, they're like hot and stuff

  4. Has some fun ideas... Can not wait to play "Too Hot" with the wife

  5. Did I mention I like the music? Thank jeebus they put the remix of "Get On" on their season two soundtrack

Looking at the shows I watch, they all seem to share some common themes in that they're complex, smart, and generally well written. In no particular order (well as I'm scanning the channels in my mind forward to back, but there is no favorite in this list I like them all equally):
  1. CSI (the original, though miami is ok)

  2. The West Wing

  3. Nip/Tuck

  4. The Shield

  5. Battlestar Galactica (the new one)

  6. The Sopranos

  7. Six Feet Under

  8. Deadwood

  9. The L Word

The funny thing is, that without TiVo there really wouldn't be any TV for me. Funny how such a dependance on a device that is relatively new to the home entertainment technology arena could become critical to the point that there probably wouldn't be a TV in my home if I didn't have it.

Speaking of which, the boy's favorite show in the world is "Seasame Street" which is cool because other than a couple of annoying characters it's fun to watch and play with him while it's on. The question I have is this. When did Big Bird become such a whiney bitch? Every time "Journey to Ernie" comes up I want to just reach out and slap Big Bird.

This aimless and rambling post brought to you by the letter S and the number 10.


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