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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


General: *ping*

I think it is fairly safe to say that for about the last month I've fallen off of the face of the earth. Honestly, I don't see that changing too much in the short term either. The missus and I are implementing a fairly tight budget that will keep me from recharging the poker account(s) for some time, so the only action I'm seeing there is the weekly freeroll on Royal Vegas leading up to the CPC. I busted out on my birthday in January... whee happy b-day :( on Party but honestly I wasn't playing well for a couple of weeks and the short stay at the blogger table reflected that, if not even magnified it. Too many little distractions where my mind just wasn't in the game. I was sitting at the keyboard, clicking the buttons and going through the motions but I wasn't paying attention or playing to the level that I should have. I got what I deserved there. School kicks back in next month and so I figure what little spare time I have between work and family will evaporate so there should be less time to worry about things that will just sort themselves out without my help in the first place. Anyway, I guess you could call this a hiatus or something, but the short version is that without playing cards, or playing much in the way of games, reading, etc there's nothing else to really write about here so until that situation changes I'm likely to post very little in the near term. Stat-tracker says people still visit though I suspect that's thanks to bloglines. Back to work for me, I've just felt really guilty for not keeping up with my journaling and the commitment I made there but part of the reason for doing it was to reflect and improve on something I'm not really doing much of right now anyway so I should write about the things that I am doing (b-o-r-i-n-g... not that my other stuff was gripping) or go ahead and set things aside until I find new inspiration or get back to doing the fun stuff again.


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