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Sunday, August 29, 2004


Poker: Royal Vegas is a bust

So I registered to play in the CPC 2 on Royal Vegas at 4pm CST today. Or perhaps the twilight zone took over. I got to my desk at 4:15 after seeing the family off and found myself busted out at 280th out of 890 entrants. WTF? I can only assume that I had the start time wrong and didn't get rid of the family soon enough. that leaves me 0/2 in tournaments so far this weekend. To take a positive spin on it, I at least placed higher than last night with more opponents. Assuming I show up on time for the bloggers tourney I hope to play better there. This sure put me in a crappy mood. I think I'm gonna go watch Underworld again. Kate in black leather will get me in a better mood.

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