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Monday, August 23, 2004


General: Past and Present Selves

So I'm about as sick as I've ever been with some cold/flu bug. I felt ok yesterday, but today is a completely different story. I wouldn't mind it if I could sneeze without wondering if I'm going to soil myself. Ok, you didn't need that visual, but I feel like crap and just thought I'd share my pain.

Why is it that when you're sick and need rest the most, you can't seem to get any? I've been trying to crash since about 5pm today and just can't seem to close my damn eyes. My mind is churning about a million miles a minute and along with the body aches and breathing troubles can't seem to pass into the warm embrace of oblivion.

Anyway, in reading over my notes and stuff from things I've already posted and stuff I've still got in draft mode, it occurs to me that I'm injecting an aspect of my life that doesn't get much play any more.

Back in the before time while I was living at NMSU (I'd say attending, but you have to go to class for that) one of my hobbies was Amtgard. Amtgard is a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) game system where you play the role of a fantasy character class (My favorite was scout), dress up in garb and use padded weapons for combat. This was tons of fun and I basicly only quit playing when I moved up north because there were no groups around and it wasn't something I was going to try and form up a group for on my own (I was deep into my relationship with my girlfriend/fiancee, now wife). Anyway, as part of the role playing, players also took on character names. For me, this was Tarador. I can't honestly say where the name came from, I had been using it for awhile for AD&D games and some online stuff like MUDs and MUSHes so it was just there. And for many years I was known as Tarador to pretty much everyone except for my immediate family. Time moves on and except for my close friends for whom my ties go back to that point in my life (and new friends associated with that group) that name isn't one I use much any more.

While googling around about Amtgard I noticed that there are a couple of groups in the area now. Being that I need to get out and exercise more, I may look into that again. Of course, I'm old now and not nearly as fast and skilled as I was when I was 18. However, age and trechery will beat youth and vigor any day ;)

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