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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Poker: Grind me up and spit me out

So I caught some time late this evening and continued prodding at the $2/$4 game on Absolute. Generally it's not what I would consider a tough game, but the players in general there are weird. For example, there is one fellow who never raises preflop regardless of what he has, and usually will check-call you all the way to the river with the best hand. I guess on one hand this is a blessing in disguise since you generally never get heavily invested in a pot. On the other hand, the only solution I've found (and I really don't like it) is just to get out of any hand he'll see the turn with. Anyway, it's quirky play but I can work past that.

On the other hand, tonight's game just couldn't go right if I had bribed someone. Another player on the first table I sat down at was in every hand with any two cards. This looked like a gold mine just waiting for me so I sit down and proceed to start looking for hands to begin the strip mining operation. Now, not only will this individual play any two cards, but they'll also pre-flop raise with them, raise on the flop, or anywhere else for that matter. I'm not sure yet if this was hidden genius or a real live maniac. The problem with playing against this guy was getting hands to stand up against literally anything. A classic example was KK against J4o. Flop had a 4 in it, the river added a J and I didn't improve beyond my KK which I was pushing and pumping the whole way. So $40 later, I recharge (generally something I never do) because I've decided that based on the cards he's playing, this absolutely must be luck. Unfortunately a few hands into my rebuy he bails... with my money. Bastard. Try as I might I can't seem to catch any cards so I eventually bail for a dinner break.

I come back for a few quick hands before bed and am soon joined by JD who I ended up paying off for his straight flush that I knew he had but just didn't want to believe. On an up note though, a few hands later I dropped the mortal nuts with quad aces on the river. That was fun. :) All in all a down night actually, but the aces really soften the blow.

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